September 2011 - Left Foot Forward is launched, announcing a commitment to #ProtectOurYouth from child sexual abuse and the promotion of healing through the arts


September 2013 – Left Foot Forward expands its reach via social media by launching its Facebook page.


February 2015 - In partnership with Memphis Kwanzaa International, Left Foot Forward announces its involvement with a rites of passage program to provide child sexual abuse prevention education for for boys and girls 17 and under.​

Otober 2015 – In partnership with Love Child, Left Foot Forward launches a network for survivors (originally named Survive&Thrive (now called We All We Got). 

December 2015 – Working in partnership with the National Black United Front (NBUF) organization & the Awanata Wellness Center, Left Foot Forward launches its #ProtectOurYouth Discussion Panel & Open Mic events. This is an effort to promote education as being the first step to prevention, to promote healing through the arts, to provide a safe haven for those who need help to receive it, and to allow survivors the opportunity to network.


I created this organization to directly address and combat the issue of child sexual abuse. As a survivor, I know first hand that this is an issue that remains rarely spoken of, yet this silence is deadly as it's slowly killing our communities and our children.


I chose the name Left Foot Forward because of a belief our ancestors held: that you walk with your left foot forward to stomp out evil. We are branded everywhere (our website, social media, YouTube, etc.) as "Our Left Foot Forward" because we need to recognize the abuse of our children is "our" problem. Child sexual abuse affects every aspect of society, and it will take us coming together as a village to not only raise our children but to protect them as well.


Denice Olatunji

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We must protect our children at all costs. Anything less is treason.