Our workshops provide a comfortable environment to discuss what some find to be a difficult topic. They are highly educational, interactive, and include an artistic element for all audiences that all ages will enjoy.

Our workshops are geared for all age groups, so check them out below and contact us to schedule a workshop today!

  • Run, Go, Tell! (for children 12 years of age or under)
  • Your Body Belongs to You (for children 13-17 years of age)
  • #ProtectOurYouth (for 18 years of age and above)

After sexual abuse occurs, children are affected for life!  They experience academic problems, are more prone to commit crime or become delinquents, and may have emotional, mental health, physical health, sexual behavior, and substance abuse problems.

These problems often extend into adulthood as well.

 Learn more about what we call "The Aftermath."


The first step to prevention? Education!

Learn more about the preventive services we offer and the educational materials available to you for download.

Think you know everything about child sexual abuse? You may be surprised by what you don't know!

This pamphlet defines child sexual abuse, provides some startling statistics, and lists some common signs you should look for!

The first step to prevention? Education!

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Use this coloring sheet to discuss good touch/bad touch with your child/children. Essentially the bathing suit rule is the rule of thumb for this topic.

Keep in mind, however, that bad touch can also be anywhere on a child's body that makes them feel uncomfortable or anywhere on their body that is being touched for sexual gratification.

"Stranger danger" - however, 90% of our children know their abuser.

Because of that familiarity, an offender will "groom" a child for sexual abuse. That way when the abuse eventually occurs - the child is more prone to keep it a secret so that the abuse can be ongoing.

This grooming process usually occurs over 8 stages.

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